Maple Ridge is a great destination for an active lifestyle

Maple Ridge is a small city, which happens to be surrounded by breathtaking scenery like no other community in British Columbia. Along the southern side of town, there is the Fraser River, where our city first developed due to settlement along the Fraser River back in 1874. Up the north side of Maple Ridge, we have our Provincial Park Golden Ears. Golden Ears inhabitants mountains, trails, lakes and lush forest. As the seasons change, the scenery in Maple Ridge grows even more stunning. Whether you live in town or outside of it every part of the city has something beautiful it offers. I find that a lot of people from my community enjoy the great outdoors and Maple Ridge is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Maple Ridge not only attracts people from its own community but because of it’s natural settings; people from all over visit Maple Ridge year round. I love the city where I am from and proud to represent Maple Ridge!

Outdoor Activities in Maple Ridge
Golden Ears Provincial Park
There are various outdoor activities available to pursue in Maple Ridge. Anywhere across the city, I guarantee that you will be able to find an activity that will suit your taste. If you are looking for a place to connect with nature or just simply to enjoy the outdoors: Golden Ears Provincial Park is the place for you! Being one of the biggest parks in British Columbia, Golden Ears is well sought out for its endless recreational possibilities. Golden Ears Provincial Park also has three campgrounds on site, which is quite the popular destination during the summer for many tourists. Located in the park is also Alouette Lake, which is a popular spot for swimming, canoeing, boating and fishing. The Park is absolutely gorgeous and very popular in the summer time!

Golden Ears Provincial Park

Golden Ears Provincial Park

Maple Ridge Park
Located near Golden Ears Provincial Park is Maple Ridge Park. At Maple Ridge Park, you can enjoy a day out with friends and family to bbq, tube in the creek, play on the playground and splash around in the water park. I came to the park on multiple occasions growing up. Whether it was a birthday party, a bbq even, or just fun leisure time with the family. Maple Ridge Park is a great environment to take the whole family out and appreciate the outdoors!

Music on the Wharf
If you want to spend a relaxing night out in town I recommend visiting Music on the Wharf located on Port Haney Wharf. The local event takes place in the evening, overlooking the Fraser River. Music on the Wharf started in 1997 and has taken place ever since. It features local and regional musicians and bands from a wide range of musical genres such as Blues, Jazz, Rock and more. Music on the Wharf is a local summer concert the whole family can enjoy but you have to get there early as the best seating fills up fast!

One attraction in particular that attracts tourist to Maple Ridge is Wildplay.

Welcome to WildPlay!

Welcome to WildPlay!

WildPlay was founded by Gordon Ross and Tom Benson who are certified guides, passionate climbers, paragliding pilots, and environment enthusiasts. The two wanted others to experience the same love that they had for the environment, climbing and challenges and thus the two discovered that they could create a challenging outdoor experience that could be experienced by adults, teens, and kids. In 2005, WildPlay was born. At WildPlay, they ensure that the park is developed in a perfect location where it not only respects Mother Nature but also showcases it.

At WildPlay, there are three obstacle courses that are self-paced. Monkido is the name of these courses. The actions at the Monkido obstacle course includes climbing, zip lining, jumping, and swinging. At Monkido, people have to navigate their way through log ladders, nets, rope swings, tight ropes, swinging logs, and other surprises that may appear on the course. As the person continues through Monkido, the course gradually becomes higher and more challenging.

I was very eager and excited to take on the course at WildPlay because I am a person who likes challenges. After our training session came to an end, I began to get butterflies in my stomach and my heart started to pound with mix feelings of excitement and nervousness. As the course went on, I gained the confidence and I was determined to finish and accomplish the course. I even took on the Tarzan swing, which you use a rope to swing from one platform to another. After completing the course, I truly felt proud of myself. I was also proud of my brother who is not the best when it comes to heights but he was able to battle the fear and accomplish the course with me. WildPlay was an immensely fun and challenging experience. WildPlay is great for people who love a good challenge but also for those who want to step out of their comfort zone.

My tips for the courses at WildPlay is to be courageous, take deep breaths, and have fun. It is at your own pace, so there is no need to rush. Take your time… I highly recommend trying out the Tarzan swing!

Make sure you check out their website: for tips, booking ahead, FAQ’s, and most importantly to sign the waiver form.

Be sure you drive slow and carefully as the roads to WildPlay are winding.

Miss Teenage Maple Ridge 2016

Written by: Shawna

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